Basic Information
Gender Female
Homeland Space Kingdom
Affiliations Unknown
First Appeared Unknown
Battle Stats
Attack Unknown
Defense Unknown
Moonlight is a serious, kind, and crazy rabbit from the Space Kingdom.

Personality Edit

Moonlight can be very kind and friendly to others. She can be serious (too serious!), about her attack and missions. She can be crazy sometimes, and may overdo it too. Overal though, she's a good person to befriend!

Appearance Edit

She has white fur,and is as tall as Peridot. She has medium length, black, straight hair. She has on a moon clip on her head, which shimmers under the moonlight. She is wearing a dark grey shirt, black shorts with tan colored tights under it, and white boots.

Abilities Edit

Moonlight can use moon magic (if that counts :T). She can also camouflage, but only when the moon is showing at night.

Relationships Edit


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