Basic Information
Gender Male
Homeland Doughnut Kingdom
Affiliations Frosting
First Appeared Unknown
Battle Stats
Attack Unkown
Defense Unknown
Special Unknown
Pudding is a happy, joyful, hyper bunny, who is from the Doughnut Kingdom.

Personality Edit

Pudding has a joyful personality. He is very kind towards others, and will be very pleased to even befriend them. It's very hard to make him sad or mad. He sometimes jump to conclusions without thinking through them, causing it to be hard for him to journey well.

Appearance Edit

Pudding has palish yellow fur. He has shaggy yellow hair. He has on a dark yellow shirt. He has on white pants, that poofs at the end. He goes around barefooted.

Abilities Edit

Pudding is able to create pudding bombs, by shaking a pudding cup rapidly, and with full force. He is also able to cheer people up by mixing up pudding flavors, to a different kind of flavor.

Relationships Edit

Frosting Edit

Pudding and Frosting seem to get along very well. Even though they are brother and sister, they seem to look at it as a friendship.

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