Basic Information
Gender Male
Homeland Space Kingdom
Affiliations Unknown
First Appeared Unknown
Battle Stats
Attack Star Star Star Star Star
Defense Star Star Star Star
Special Star Star Star
Quasar is a young fighter boy from the Space Kingdom, who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. He is quick to notice something out of place and will fight for what he wants.


Quasar has very dark blue hair, purple eyes, and greyish blue skin. He has purple beautymarks on his shoulders, and below his eyes. He has a baby blue tanktop with a blue star on it, and he has baby blue armbands. He has navy blue boxing gloves, and greyish blue shorts. He also has baby blue legbands, with no shoes either.


Quasar is usually a go-getter and always wants to do something nobody else would do. Just to one-up someone, he would even drink from a bird fountain. He is always looking around himself to see if someone would do something to him, but he isn't paranoid in a scared way. He can also be very mean to people he doesn't know at times.


Quasar, as a fighter can kick very good, and when he punches, the opponent can blast to a wall, or even blast through one. He can also run very fast, which is good for escape.



  • Quasar has purple spots on him, which he calls black holes.
    • ACtual Quasars contain black holes.
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