"From eating it, you may have side affects like magical burps, or a sugar high."
Sugar star

The Sugar Stars normal form.

The Sugar Star is a shooting star that is thrown to the surface of Dreamside by Polaris every night. It is made of sugar, and grants wishes only when it is in the air.


The Sugar Star, being made of sugar is mostly white. But it seems to be light blue because it is 'magic sugar'.


In the air, if someone sees the Sugar Star, they can make a wish. When it crashes, it no longer can be wished on. When eaten, the Sugar Star can give side affects like 'magical burps' or sugar highs. The 'magical burps' have been shown to turn people into frogs.

If the sugar star is thrown back into the air, another wish can be made. This was shown when Trout threw a piece of the sugar star in the air and wished for Polaris to go back home.

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