Taco is a young wizard from the Doughnut Kingdom who dreams of becoming a adventurer, treasure hunter, and hero of dream side. Some times he takes this dream a little too far and sometimes gets himself in trouble because of this but he always has good intentions! ......Most of the time
Name Taco

Basic Information

Gender Male
Homeland Doughnut kingdom
Affiliations Unknown
First Appeared Unknown

Battle Stats

Attack 3 stars
Defense 1 star
Special 5 stars

Appearance Edit


Personality Edit

Taco is a strong-headed adventurous boy always looking for a quest to do. He will sometimes ignore obvious problems just go on a quest. He does not really think twice about what he does.

Abilities Edit

He has a wand so he can use magic.

Story Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Taco was originally the opposite of his current personality.


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